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What is hypnotherapy?

Hypnosis is a process whereby I will guide you by the use of imagery, suggestion, metaphors, that will enable you to create a level of focus and clarity to address the issues you wish to change.


Within hypnosis you are able consider different ways of doing things, rehearse new approaches to situations, access your own places of comfort and relaxation, effectively trying out different responses in the safety of your mind and the therapeutic setting. I will use therapeutic approaches to address the issue you want addressed, these approaches will come from the fields of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Humanistic and also different aspects of Neuro-Linguistic-Programming. 


This is why it is really important that you feel comfortable with me. Equally I must feel able to help you with what you want to address and comfortable with you as we will be working collaboratively.

What it is not!

Hypnotherapy is not ‘done’ to you, it is not magic, there is no wand or trickery. 


You are not asleep, you are able to decide what you will or will not do, this is not stage hypnosis. You will not  disclose anything that you are not willing to tell me about. But within our sessions I’m hoping that you can be completely open with me so that a really personalised treatment plan can be created. Its not a one size fits all. The approach I take, and what each session contains will be shaped to meet your needs. 

Hypnosis can feel different for each individual, as it has been widely researched that there is a wide range of responsiveness to hypnosis, the good news is that the majority of people have a good response, and can positively participate, a small number are considered to be highly hypnotisable, equally there are a small number who find it more difficult. However the really good news is that the more you do it the better you get at it. Like any new skill you can learn to increase your ability which is why I will teach you self-hypnosis to support our sessions. 


One of the easiest ways to think of what hypnosis is, and what it feels like is to recall a time where you caught yourself daydreaming, and then suddenly become aware that you drifted off somewhere, not asleep, able to hear what is being said, but somehow indifferent to what is going on around you, totally at ease, your body relaxed. 


I want you to hear what I’m saying, I don’t want you to be asleep and unresponsive. During the session I will make suggestions that you will either accept or discard depending on how they sit with you, your beliefs and values.

What does hypnosis feel like?

Is Hypnotherapy right for me?

If you feel concerned or anxious about hypnosis but would like to talk to someone to resolve an issue, I can offer that to you. Sometimes we all just need to get stuff off of our chests and out in the air, without the fear of being judged or our relationships changing because of what we said.  This is your time. 


Equally, if you want to take your time to get to know me before feeling confident to participate in hypnosis for whatever reason you may have, I can structure the sessions to suit your needs. 

Hypnotherapy is not suitable for everyone, there are medical conditions that would not be suitable to experience hypnosis Therefore it is very important that you disclose medical conditions before starting hypnotherapy. 


If you want this change, and not because you think you should or someone else thinks you should then it is possible to create change. An important part of that change is that you view that change and the process of hypnosis positively, you want it, expect it, are motivated to make it happen. With that mind set anything is possible.


Therefore, before you go to see any hypnotherapist the most important question you should be asking yourself is, do I really want to change this? 


Questions to ask yourself to help you really think about this before investing your time and money. 

  1. What do I have to gain by doing this?
  2. What will I lose if I do this? 
  3. What will change if I do nothing?

What kind of things can Hypnotherapy help with?

Confidence. In all settings. 

Self esteem and self-worth. 

Motivation. Address procrastination, rumination.

Exam stress. Driving tests. G.C.S. E’s, A levels. 

Stress management.

Habit control. Nail biting. 

Phobias, Fear. 

Panic attacks.


Pain management.

IBS. (Irritable bowel syndrome). 

As suggested by NICE.


Weight loss

Anxiety and worry.

Regression / past life.

About me

Hello, my name is Sadie, 


I am a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist. That means that I have competed a comprehensive period of study and gained a nationally recognised and accredited Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma(HYD) I am also a Neuro-Linguistic-Programming Practitioner. This means that I can use a wide range of different therapeutic approaches to meet your needs. 

This has not been my only career. I am also a medically retired Registered Nurse L.D. 

I have also spent several years volunteering for Citizens Advice Bureau. I like people, and  my main motivation in all interaction is to enable them to have a positive outcome from whatever they may be facing, armed with insight, information, skills and strategies to overcome what they face and skills for what they may face in the future. 


I personally have experienced a life of ups and downs, those that most of us experience in one form or another. Just living in a world with other people can present us with challenges and feelings that we are not always sure of what to do with, let alone all the other ‘’stuff’’ we have to deal with. 


I have experienced ill health, relationship issues, struggles with raising a family. Times when life has taken me to my knees with either physical or mental pain along with work challenges, times when my role seemed to have changed as I have aged and left me wondering ‘’what next? what do I want? 

So, if you feel that I may have the life experience and skills that can help you make sense of what you are experiencing and help you reach a place where life is better, please do get in touch. Its just the cost of the call to discover if we can work together to create the change you seek so that you can find balance in your life. 


Sadie  x 

Contact me

Sadie Jones 


Tel        07854851685




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